Monday 30 April 2012

The Wrong Sort of Rain

We are apparently in the middle of a drought due to the low rainfall experienced over the past two years, which has failed to replenish the underground aquifers to their normal levels.  In an effort to correct this situation, the God of Small Things has arranged for two years rain to fall in one week, or so it feels to Barnaby and millions of others.  Our local rivers and streams are now swollen torrents, the like of which Barnaby hasn't seen for many a year.  There is extensive local flooding and no let up in sight.  Coupled with very high winds, which have brought down trees and branches everywhere, it has been extremely unpleasant venturing outside at all (though the dog doesn't seem to mind it and rushes about just as enthusiastically in the wet as the dry).
Unfortunately, despite April being the wettest on record since 1910, we are informed by those who know that it's the wrong sort of rain, which is simply running off dried out soils and not soaking in as needed to restore the underground supplies. 'They' tell us that what we need is months of soft, gentle rain, not the torrents we are currently experiencing.
In Barnaby's opinion, what we need is months of nice warm sunshine.
Of course you could just curl up in front of a nice warm fire with a hot drink and amuse yourself by reading one of Barnaby's ebooks until the weather brightens up.  You'll find the details at

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