Wednesday 3 December 2014

Barnaby thinks about hair

Once upon a time, Barnaby had a full head of hair. Like anyone else, he took it for granted. Washed it, combed it, moaned about it when it needed cutting and mostly forgot about it. It's clear from his profile photo, though, that this was some time ago. Although this may be seen by some as a disadvantage, Barnaby has been pondering the potential advantages to the world that might arise if everyone was bald.
Reduced pollution from shampoos and conditioners. Reduced heating costs from shorter shower times. Reduced power requirement and capital expenditure saving from non usage of hairdryers. Cost saving from not having to visit hairdresser. Time saving from not having to groom each day. All in all, there seem to be significant advantages.
There is a downside, of course. Loss of revenue for shampoo and hairdryer manufacturers. Unemployment for hairdressers (though perhaps they could retrain as tattoo artists, since there will now be more exposed skin to decorate?) Possible requirement to purchase more hats.
Barnaby has to acknowledge that there are a couple of potential benefits of having hair that are not necessarily obvious to those who are thus adorned. Rather like a cat's whiskers, hair can give an early warning of impending collision with low obstacles, such as lintels. Failing that, it does offer some protection in the event of impact.
It has to be said, however, that Barnaby has not found it particularly a disadvantage to lose his hair, (though some think it makes him look older)
At a personal level, Barnaby has discovered one advantage of being uncovered on top. He is always the first to notice that it has begun to rain.
He would also like to remind people, that while there may, or may not be, snow on the roof, there is still a fire in the cellar.

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