Sunday 27 April 2014

What's a chicken got to do with anything?

Ten more complete short stories to read anywhere, anytime, in this new collection.

Sci fi, romance, mystery and humour. A variety of genres to suit every palate.

Somethin's wrong, terrible wrong at the farm in 'Fine Weather'.
An unexpected encounter at 40,000 feet in 'Night Flight'.
A new use for ATMs in 'Dr Kemp's Card', and a man fights for his life in 'Runaway'.

This new collection includes a complete Mercedes Drew mystery in 'A Party for Mike' and another tale from the Vertigo Labs in 'Double Trouble'.

Ten stories that are just the right length to read in your coffee break, in bed, on the beach, on a plane, or in the bath.

The quiz team from the Poacher's Inn hold another rambling conversation in 'Reflections' and Harry finds a mysterious object in a scrapyard in 'Press to Reset'.

All this and more in this eighth volume of short stories in the Barnaby's Shorts series.

What's a chicken got to do with anything? You'll have to read the book to find out. You can download Barnaby's Shorts (volume 8) in the e-book format of your choice from here

Visit for information about all Barnaby's books.

Friday 18 April 2014

Barnaby goes channel hopping

Barnaby is not normally a channel hopper, preferring to read the TV listings and select those programmes that particularly appeal to him. Often this is simply the late night news, but he also enjoys good drama, particularly crime and the occasional gardening programme. He isn't, though, totally immune to channel hopping at the end of the day when nothing specific catches his attention.

Last night, while flicking through dozens of channels, he came across a group of people whose business involved chopping up cars and reassembling the pieces to create different, bespoke cars for people wealthy enough to afford this form of customised transport. This gave Barnaby an idea.

Book chop shop. Instead of creating entirely new books from scratch and having to write every new word, why not chop bits from existing books and reassemble them to create a new one? Now, before you shout 'plagiarism', or 'copyright infringement', Barnaby wishes to make it clear that he is referring only to his own books. He wouldn't dream of stealing from some other hard working author.

There are a few problems, of course. Welding the parts together to make a seamless join might be more difficult than writing the whole thing anew. There may also be complaints from readers experiencing a constant feeling of 'déjà vu' when reading one of these reassembled books.

On balance, therefore, Barnaby will continue to write each new story the hard way, word by word, sentence by sentence, and would like to assure his readers that every new story will be genuinely new.

You can find all his stories, old and new, at of course, in e-book or paperback format.

Meanwhile, it's back to the keyboard.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Barnaby follows the sun

Barnaby is flying to Spain tomorrow for a few days of R and R in the sun. Naturally, he'll be taking his Kindle and catching up on a few downloads that he's not found time to read so far. Amongst them, will be the latest offering from those unstoppable Top Writer's Block people. An informal group of Indie authors who publish anthologies of short stories on behalf of the Sea Shepherd charity.

The latest TWB oeuvre is 'Back Roads and Water', nine stories inspired by this month's theme.

Back roads can lead to places you might not like to go, while water can be a life saver - or taker.

Eight authors from around the world have contributed to this anthology which will take you down a different road each time.

You will find all the previous TWB anthologies here as well as links to some of the authors.

Of course, all Barnaby's own works are still available as e-book downloads or paperbacks. For more information, visit his website at

Happy reading.