Thursday 25 July 2013

The right sort of rain?

Barnaby has been enjoying the decent run of uncharacteristically warm weather in the UK this July. Indeed, it has been positively hot, so warm, in fact, that Barnaby was induced to swim in the sea for the first time in about twenty years. (It was still cold).
We have already eaten al fresco more times this month than in the whole of last year and this is shaping up to be one of our better English summers. The plants in the garden have been suffering, however, from lack of water. Barnaby doesn't believe in watering garden plants, except those in pots and baskets and food crops. The lawn is brown and several otherwise hardy perennials are looking distinctly unhappy (this is more or less a euphemism for dead) as well as trees shedding leaves.
Last night, however, we had rain. Not a deluge or a downpour, but steady rain, albeit for only a short time. It was enough to refill the water butts around the house and to wet the top of the soil at least. This morning is bright and clear again, with long sunny periods, though ten degrees cooler than it has been.
So was this the right sort of rain? Well, it came at night, which is always a bonus, it didn't do any damage, but maybe there wasn't quite enough to restore the garden.
For the time being, Barnaby has put away his shorts but he's keeping them close by in case the temperature goes up again. Of course he'd like you to keep his shorts close to you, too, and you can find all five volumes of Barnaby's Shorts at to download in the e-book format of your choice. You'll find that they are excellent reading, whatever the weather.

Monday 15 July 2013

Barnaby thinks about the beach

Barnaby has enjoyed the hot summer weather which has, unusually, been gracing most of the UK for the past two weeks, despite the browning of his lawn and unending need to water the pots, tubs and baskets dotted about the garden. It's been hot and sunny enough to tempt him to drive to the beach on several occasions, though not, so far, to venture into the sea. (Barnaby reserves his swimming for the Mediterranean or the Caribbean).
He has been pondering why the beach is such a popular destination in warm weather, aside from the obvious opportunity to cool down in the sea. His conclusion is that the beach allows us to behave in ways that would be considered disagreeable, improper or just plain antisocial in any other place.
The beach gives us permission to take our clothes off in public, play with mud, throw stones, douse one another with cold water, laze about doing nothing useful and generally behave like kids again.
All this unproductive downtime, of course, can quickly become tedious and Barnaby recommends that alongside your protective hat and sunscreen, that you remember to pack your e-reader. You'll find that B.W.'s e-books are eminently suitable for reading on the beach and you can find out all about them at
You can also eat ice cream, of course.

Monday 8 July 2013

Barnaby's Shorts (Volume Five) now available.

Ten more short stories to read while you take a coffee break; on your train ride to work; in the bath, or on the beach.
Three lads play hooky from school, a virtual man who is human in every way, a father and son conversation, a body frozen in the ice.

A story of a marriage in 'A Trace of Boron'. A tale from Sri Lanka in 'Rich Man, Poor Man.' And another tale from the Vertigo Research Labs.
A hint of sci fi, a touch of romance, a pinch of humour and always a twist at the end.

What would you do if you met yourself in the street? Where did loneliness come from?

Ten stories in a variety of genres to suit all tastes available as an e-book from here in the format of your choice to read on Kindle, Kobo, mobile phone, PC or tablet.
For a limited period, this book is available for FREE download.
For more information on Barnaby Wilde's other titles, visit

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Poverty - New title by Top Writer's Block

Top Writer's Block, a consortium of Indie writers, have released their latest collection of short stories, this time written around the theme of 'Poverty'.

The new title contains nine new stories in a variety of styles and genres, interpreting the theme in many different ways.

As with all other collections by Top Writers Block, the authors proceeds will go to the charity Sea Shepherd which devotes itself to protecting our seas and oceans and the life within.    
The new e-book can be downloaded in the format of your choice from 

You will also find links to the previous titles published by the group.