Monday 15 July 2013

Barnaby thinks about the beach

Barnaby has enjoyed the hot summer weather which has, unusually, been gracing most of the UK for the past two weeks, despite the browning of his lawn and unending need to water the pots, tubs and baskets dotted about the garden. It's been hot and sunny enough to tempt him to drive to the beach on several occasions, though not, so far, to venture into the sea. (Barnaby reserves his swimming for the Mediterranean or the Caribbean).
He has been pondering why the beach is such a popular destination in warm weather, aside from the obvious opportunity to cool down in the sea. His conclusion is that the beach allows us to behave in ways that would be considered disagreeable, improper or just plain antisocial in any other place.
The beach gives us permission to take our clothes off in public, play with mud, throw stones, douse one another with cold water, laze about doing nothing useful and generally behave like kids again.
All this unproductive downtime, of course, can quickly become tedious and Barnaby recommends that alongside your protective hat and sunscreen, that you remember to pack your e-reader. You'll find that B.W.'s e-books are eminently suitable for reading on the beach and you can find out all about them at
You can also eat ice cream, of course.

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  1. What is this? No comments? None a'tall, reaching back at least a month? I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Well, Barnaby, I have made the huge sacrifice of breaking the silence here on your blog. Being a blogger myself, I do understand that lonely feeling one gets when one writes blog entry after blog entry and receives only cold silence in return. 'Tis plain disheartening, so 'tis. I like your blog, sir. Just thought you'd enjoy seeing that. Slainte!