Monday 8 July 2013

Barnaby's Shorts (Volume Five) now available.

Ten more short stories to read while you take a coffee break; on your train ride to work; in the bath, or on the beach.
Three lads play hooky from school, a virtual man who is human in every way, a father and son conversation, a body frozen in the ice.

A story of a marriage in 'A Trace of Boron'. A tale from Sri Lanka in 'Rich Man, Poor Man.' And another tale from the Vertigo Research Labs.
A hint of sci fi, a touch of romance, a pinch of humour and always a twist at the end.

What would you do if you met yourself in the street? Where did loneliness come from?

Ten stories in a variety of genres to suit all tastes available as an e-book from here in the format of your choice to read on Kindle, Kobo, mobile phone, PC or tablet.
For a limited period, this book is available for FREE download.
For more information on Barnaby Wilde's other titles, visit

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