Monday 9 March 2015

New Collection - Barnaby's Shorts #10

Just published on Smashwords is the latest compilation of short stories in the series Barnaby's Shorts.

Volume 10 contains two new stories from the Vertigo Labs. In Amazonia, Jepherson Thomas builds an origami boat big enough to float a child, until things go wrong. In 'Another Ratt Tale' Dr Ratt reappears five years after disappearing half way through a magic act.

Emily has more problems with 'Grow your own man beans' in 'The Fab Aces' and 'Spider'.

The Women Furies quiz team from the Poachers Inn catch a ghost in 'Things that go bump in the night'.

Romance, Sci fi, humour and even a fairy tale in this new collection of coffee break sized stories.

How does a six foot ten inch tall Princess find the Prince of her dreams? How do you end up in a Shopping Mall five miles away when you step onto a ladder in the loft of your own house? How does a tongue tied young man finally meet the girl of his dreams?

Answers to all these questions and more in Barnaby's Shorts (volume ten)

You can find the new collection to sample or download in all ebook formats here

All Barnaby's other titles are available here, including the first nine volumes of the Barnaby's Shorts collections.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Sale Time Again - Read an ebook week - FREE books! - Reduced books!

Read an e-book week runs from March 1 - 7 2015. It's your chance to download any Barnaby Wilde title, in any format, for bargain prices. Some books are FREE, many are 50% off (see below for examples).

Free titles

 Barnaby's Shorts - coffee break sized stories in a wide variety of genres

Quirky Verse for those with a sense of humour

Volume 1 of the Tom Fletcher Stories
Flowers for Mercedes - Volume 1 of the Mercedes Drew Mysteries
50% discounted titles

 Go to for details of these books and more,  including download instructions for any kind of reading device (e-reader, smartphone, tablet, PC etc)