Saturday 30 March 2013

Barnaby worries about time.

Tonight, the clocks change one hour forward to mark the beginning of British Summer Time and Barnaby worries that he's been cheated an hour of his life. Being told that he'll 'get it back again' next Autumn doesn't reassure him. 'What if I die in the meantime?'
Of course his predicament pales in comparison to the folk in 1582 who lost ten days of their lives in October of that year when the Gregorian Calendar replaced the Julian Calendar and ten days were simply deleted overnight. No wonder there were riots.
On the other hand, average life expectancy in the Western World has increased by around thirty years in the last century. This astonishing increase means that during every decade that he has lived, Barnaby's life expectancy has increased by three years,  or three days for every ten days lived. (This means that during the next ten minutes, assuming that the rate of improvement is maintained, Barnaby will have won another three minutes).
Maybe he shouldn't be worrying about losing the hour tonight?
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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Trash Day

A new collection of works entitled 'Trash Day' by the Independent Author's cooperative 'Top Writer's Block', is now published on Smashwords.

'Top Writer's Block' periodically come together to put out collected works to support the charity 'Sea Shepherd'. Previous titles include 'A Winter's Tale', 'Fools Rush In', 'Painted Door' and 'The Trouble with Thorndyke'. All titles are available in any ebook format and can be found here .

The new volume includes work by ten authors, all based on the theme of 'Trash Day'. Stories range from a mysterious disappearance at the Vertigo labs, through a tale from the bar of The Door pub, to a garbage eating monster and the loss of a wedding ring, and more.

Genuinely, something for all tastes.

Friday 8 March 2013

48 Hours Only - SALE

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Sunday 3 March 2013

Barnaby thinks about curiosity.

NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, has been temporarily put into 'safe mode', as scientists on Earth attempt to fix a computer glitch, possibly caused by cosmic ray damage. The $2.5bn mission, which is due to last two years, aims to study the Martian environment and, in particular, to hunt for evidence of water on the Martian planet.
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