Sunday 3 March 2013

Barnaby thinks about curiosity.

NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, has been temporarily put into 'safe mode', as scientists on Earth attempt to fix a computer glitch, possibly caused by cosmic ray damage. The $2.5bn mission, which is due to last two years, aims to study the Martian environment and, in particular, to hunt for evidence of water on the Martian planet.
It occurs to Barnaby that you could satisfy your own curiosity for a whole lot less money by downloading one of his 'Free' ebooks, where you will find evidence of humour, mystery, romance, or even a little sci fi. Sadly, you will probably not find much evidence of water.
If you like what you uncover in the 'Free' ebook, be it short stories, quirky verse, weird adventures or detective stories, you might well risk investing a small amount of cash in another of Barnaby's books, all of which can be found by visiting . Unlike the Mars rover, Curiosity, which takes fourteen minutes to receive a signal sent from Earth, you will be relieved to learn that downloading an ebook takes only seconds.

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