Wednesday 20 February 2013

NEW! Barnaby's Shorts (vol 4) now published.

Barnaby's Shorts (Volume Four)

Ten more coffee break sized stories from Barnaby Wilde. Including another tale from the Vertigo labs, a boy and a bear in the woods, a winter's tale of murder, and a true story from Crete. A touch of romance, a hint of sci fi, a portion of mystery, a morality tale and a thread of humour.
Stories that are just the right size to read in bed, on the train or in the bath.
What happens when a man gets the wrong coat after the Opera? Why does a man find himself marooned on a featurelss plain wearing an orange jumpsuit? Can there really be a bear loose in the Surrey woods? What actually happened in the Tunnel of Love? Who will be the last man standing?
Answers to these questions and more in Barnaby's Shorts (volume four). available now to download in the ebook format of your choice.
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