Monday 27 May 2024

New Barnaby Wilde short story collection: Davey and the Holey Oak (volume 2)

Nobody would describe Davey as a kind, old gentleman. Some folk would call him cantankerous, others would say he was a bit dodgy, and some, less generous, would call him a miserable, tight fisted, old bastard. Davey thought of himself as an entreprenoor (his spelling).

Volume two of Davey and the Holey Oak stories contains ten more tall tales about an old man just trying to get by. Learn about the Unpredictable Nature of Wild Yeast, hear the tale of Bill and Wayne, find out what is a Strewn Field, and discover the pitfalls of planting Acorns.

Also includes a bonus prequel story to the novel Out of Time.

Now available as an eBook or Paperback. Visit for more information.

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