Thursday 31 January 2019

Love paperback now for Valentine's Day

Stuck for a Valentine's gift? Why not give her (or him) a book of Love?

'Love' is a collection of short stories by Barnaby Wilde, loosely linked by the theme of love.
Stories of meetings and partings. Stories of hope and loss. Romance, danger, hope and wishful thinking. A little humour, a dash of pathos and a whole lot of love.

Ten short stories and a handful of poems, now available as a paperback from Amazon. To purchase, go to

Of course the e-book version is still available if you want to save a few bob, but a book is something to treasure and what's more you can write your own declaration of love inside. What could be nicer to unwrap on Valentine's day? Almost as cheap as a card, but lasts so much longer.

Amelia goes for coffee and finds a man in 'The Blueberry Muffin Affair'. A boy meets a girl on a train and misses his chance, (or does he?) in 'The God of Small Things'. A new member of the mile high club, in 'Night Flight'. A couple on the run after robbing a gas station (a story and a ballad) in 'I Heard a Song Today'. Even a fairy story in 'The Princess and the Frog'.