Wednesday 18 April 2012

Barnaby gets overcharged

Barnaby and Mrs W. have just spent a very pleasant week in the Eastern Algarve area of Portugal despite some very cold winds. We rented a very comfortable apartment just outside Tavira, about 30km east of Faro and did much reading, people watching and a little walking. On the whole the Portugese experience was very positive and we shall undoubtedly go back there again.
The only glitch in the operation was a moronic toll system which has been introduced onto the A22 motorway. There are no toll booths or ticket machines or even signs to indicate the toll charges, instead your vehicle is mysteriously photographed at some point in it's journey and then the driver is required to attend a main post office no sooner than 48 hours and no later than 5 days after making his journey to pay the toll.
Barnaby had to queue for over an hour in a badly organised and inefficient post office in Tavira in order to pay what should have been about 3 euro in charges.  In the event he was charged 9 euros because the previous hire car user had not paid his tolls and there appears to be no system to prove who was using the car.  Needless to say this did not improve the holiday experience.
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