Saturday 7 April 2012

The Trouble with Thorndyke

'The Trouble with Thorndyke', a short novel co-written by five independent authors has been published on Smashwords.  You can read a sample or download a copy for your e-reader here

'Writer's Block' is a group of writers who have decided to write stories together - just for the fun of it.
Each writes a chapter following the story's thread.

The authors of this first effort 'The Trouble with Thorndyke' are: Anna Scott Graham, Barnaby Wilde, Gary Weston, Jeffra Hays & Suzy Stewart Dubot. Any future works may include other authors within our Writers Block!

It has been agreed amongst us that proceeds will go to an animal protection charity starting with Sea Shepherd.

Just what is the trouble with Thorndyke? He doesn't even know himself but he's in it neck deep! Why not check it out and if you like it, check out other works by the authors, all of whom can be found at

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