Monday 2 April 2012

Barnaby gets an offer he can't refuse

Barnaby has accepted an offer on his house, so it looks as though he (and Mrs Barnaby) will be moving out sometime soon.  Unfortunately they have no idea where they will be moving to, so it looks like a few frantic weeks searching for a new home.  Fortunately both of them have plenty of experience of moving home, so they are choosing to regard it as the start of a new adventure, rather than a life threatening event.
Another adventure, 'The Trouble with Thorndyke' (the story being jointly written by five authors. See earlier posts for details) is now completed five times over.  Whilst each author has written individual chapters throughout the story, every one of the five has written a final chapter.  It remains to be seen whether the book will be published with the most popular ending or with all five alternative endings so that the reader can choose the ending they prefer. Details about the publication date will be included in a future post, but you can find out about ebooks which are available now by visiting

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