Monday 13 February 2012

Barnaby has a head cold

Sore throat, blocked sinus, running nose, mild headache and a poor night's sleep, yes, Barnaby has a cold. Nothing serious, but it does take the edge off things a little.  Nevertheless he is comforted by the thought that tomorrow is Valentines Day and at this very moment there may be hundreds, if not ones of Valentines cards winging his way.  Mrs W got hers a day early because of a slight miscalculation by Barnaby over the posting, but better that way than a day late (and it did get a very good reaction).

The title of the next compilation of verse will probably be 'The Well Boiled Icycle', though it is not expected to be published for a while.  Barnaby is just mulling over titles at present.  Sometimes mulling is all a man needs to do to be happy.

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