Friday 17 February 2012

Barnaby doubles his score and adds ten

The juggling is coming on slowly.  Today another milestone was reached when Barnaby managed to juggle with three balls and achieved over three hundred and fifty catches without a drop, more than doubling his previous best score.

Whilst still in a small state of euphoria over this modest success, Barnaby decided to celebrate by adding ten further poems to his collection 'Life...', at the same time cunningly renaming it as 'Life...(plus ten)'.

This can be downloaded from as usual in the format of your choice, and the good news doesn't end there.  Despite a 34% increase in the number of poems available there is no increase in price.  Thirty nine poems for just ninety nine cents (about sixty two pence) is just two and a half cents each. 

Now what else can you buy for just two and a half cents?  Enjoy!

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