Friday 24 February 2012

Barnaby gets carried away

My local supermarket is awash with special offers, discounts, money off vouchers and 'free' extras - which are only 'free' if you buy the original item.  Barnaby's FREE e - books are, of course, genuinely FREE.  There's not even any obligation to read them, though he'd be disappointed if he thought you hadn't.

Barnaby is particularly intrigued by the supermarket BOGOF (buy one get one free) offers and would like to offer his own, but when you don't even have to buy one to get a FREE one this is giving him some pause for thought. DOFGAOF (download one free get another one free) somehow doesn't have the 'ring' to it that BOGOF has, any more than DAMYLFF (download as many as you like for free).  DAFTFART (download a free title and file a review today) somehow still doesn't have the vibe he's looking for.  He's still working to find the perfect acronym, but in the meantime, download, read, enjoy and then why not download another one?

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