Saturday 2 August 2014

New to bookshelves this week

The group of writers from around the world, known under the collective title Top Writer's Block, have released a new collection of short stories inspired by the theme 'Justice'.

The law and justice are not the same thing. Some would say that Karma is justice.

Startling, sad, and sometimes selfish, these 8 tales by seven writers give their own meaning to justice.

Grab a coffee and get comfortable. Short stories are made for coffee breaks. Justice can be found and downloaded here.

All profits from the sale of this book and others in the twb series, go to the Sea Shepherd charity.

Previous titles from twb include Wheels (published in July 2014)

 and Pain (published in June 2014).

All previous titles are still available. More information here

Also available this week is the latest issue of The Australian Times (TAT) Poetry Magazine, containing two of Barnaby's Quirky Verses, which can be found here
More information about all Barnaby Wilde books can be found at as usual.

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