Saturday 23 August 2014

Barnaby thinks about garages

Barnaby has been contemplating his garage. Not the place where he buys his fuel, but the structure at the end of his garden, which is called a garage, but has never had a car in it since the day it was built.

In common with most people in Britain (and probably elsewhere), Barnaby's garage is a space in which to store all those things which are too good to throw away and 'might come in useful one day', but which, in practise, are never used again. This is different from that mythical 'safe place' where things are stored but never seen again.

Much of the stuff in Barnaby's garage is either so deeply buried behind or beneath other 'useful' stuff, or is in anonymous brown boxes, that he has long since forgotten what most of it is, thus proving that it's unlikely ever to be used again and probably won't even be seen again until the day he moves house and pays for it all to be moved to the next garage.

So, this week's resolution is to sell as much of this unneeded stuff as possible and Barnaby is feeling virtuous as the first few items have already gone. For the first time in a while, he can actually see a patch of the garage floor.

This problem doesn't arise with Barnaby's e-books, of course, since they take up no space at all. He can carry a whole library in his e-reader. More than he could read in a lifetime. You could, therefore, safely download a few of his books without filling your own garage and be comforted by the knowledge that you will always have something entertaining, amusing or thought provoking to read any time you feel the urge - maybe one of his short stories while you take a break from clearing out your own garage?

You can find out about Barnaby's e-books at Some of them are even FREE to download.

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