Sunday 23 February 2014

Barnaby likes to be fooled

Barnaby has always liked magicians, conjurors, sleight of hand merchants, call them what you will. Whether it's a simple card trick, sawing a lady in half, walking through a solid wall, or levitation, he has always enjoyed the knowledge that he's being fooled and the fun of trying to puzzle out exactly how. Recently he has enjoyed watching young British magician Steven Frayne, better known to millions as Dynamo.

Steven performs both big magic, walking on water, or strolling down the vertical face of buildings for example, and small magic, performing what appear to be ad hoc tricks of magic on people in the street.

Barnaby truly has no idea how the tricks are performed, but, of course, he knows he is being fooled. The real joy of the magic is not knowing how the trick is done, but observing the reactions of the people on whom the tricks are performed; astonishment, wonder, incredulity, but, best of all, sheer delight.

In a small way, all authors are frustrated magicians, who wish to transport their readers to new places, or experiences, without them being aware of the techniques or process involved. If they can create astonishment, wonder, incredulity, or, best of all, sheer delight, then they can be content that they've performed their own little bit of magic.

Barnaby hopes you'll sample some of his e-books and paperbacks and enjoy some of the magic that he's tried to create, whether it's quirky poetry, short stories, detective fiction or humorous novels. For more details visit

Of course, if all you want to see is a man walking on water, you'll have to google Dynamo.

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