Tuesday 6 November 2012

Barnaby and Facebook

Barnaby is not convinced by Facebook. All around him he sees (young) people sharing their lives on social media websites and he has to confess he doesn't really get it. To Barnaby social media is sendng someone a handwritten letter, or sitting down together to watch TV. Apparently this makes him something of a dinosaur. It's all about having lots of 'friends' linked to your facebook account, even though you may never have met some of these 'friends' in your life.
So, Barnaby has got a facebook page and a 'like' button on his website. (www.barnaby-wilde.co.uk).
Now he just needs lots of 'friends'.
If you are Facebook user and you 'like' B.W. maybe you could visit his website and click the 'like' button (it's in the section called 'Other Stuff', and Barnaby despite his wish to be 'liked' has confusingly labelled the button 'recommend')
Of course, if you are a dinosaur, like BW, then you could go directly to his website at www.barnaby-wilde.co.uk and click on any of the book titles to find out how to download one of his ebooks.
Go on. Convince Barnaby that social networking is the way to be 'liked'.

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