Sunday 3 June 2012

Barnaby waves the flag

This weekend is Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee and the country is awash with jubilee celebrations, street parties and bunting.  Mrs W has done her bit by hanging union flag bunting around the front of the Wilde home and erecting a large union flag by the front entrance.  Later today the Queen will lead a one thousand boat flotilla down the river Thames before hosting a large concert outside Buckingham Palace this evening.  (Barnaby's ticket was apparently lost in the mail).

Unfortunately the weather has not been kind and most of today's celebrations in London will have to be enjoyed in good old British rain.

Fortunately Barnaby's ebooks can be enjoyed in rain or shine and can be found in any weather at for preview or download in the format of your choice.

Today, Barnaby will be too busy waving the flag to write more, but normal service will be resumed tomorrow.  Have a nice day.

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