Monday 21 May 2012

Barnaby sees the light - almost.

It won't have escaped the attention of anyone living in the UK that the Olympic Games are being held in London this summer.  Barnaby has been waiting for the call, but, so far, the telephone hasn't rung.
As part of the pre games hype the Olympic torch relay is transporting the 'flame' on a 7,000 mile journey around Britain during the 70 day countdown to the start of the games.
The flame was lit by the rays of the sun in Greece last week and began it's journey around the UK in Cornwall two days ago, arriving in Exeter last night, before being carried on into North Devon and Somerset later in the day.  Many thousands of people turned out to see the flame carried by one of the many chosen runners as it passed near to where they lived.
Barnaby and Mrs W. duly turned out and joined the crowds and waited for an hour for the runner to pass.  His arrival was announced by the approaching noise of the crowd, who rose as one with arms and cameras in the air to photograph the once in a lifetime opportunity.  Barnaby is pleased to be able to say that he got a momentary glimpse of the top of the torch as is passed by.
Of course you can get more than a momentary glimpse of any of Barnaby's books by visiting where you can sample or download any of the books to read at your leisure. What better way to prepare yourself for a summer of sport?

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