Friday 23 March 2012

Barnaby jumps in at the deep end

Today there is blue sky and full sunshine.  It feels more like summer than winter and the garden is blooming with spring flowers.

Unfortunately, Barnaby has discovered that his sewer pipe is blocked and the inspection pit is full to the top with dirty water.  So he has spent a couple of hours lying on his front over a smelly inspection pit trying to unblock the drain using the only tools he had nearby, namely a hosepipe and his own two hands, whilst at the same time trying not to fall in.  All to no avail.  It appears that tree roots have invaded the drain and it will require heavier duty tools to unblock it.

Of course, Barnaby could simply call a drain clearance specialist, sit back and write a cheque. Job done, but he would no more admit defeat at this early stage than he would pay a ghost writer to compose his poems.  Next step - buy a set of drain cleaning rods.

Disappointingly Barnaby used to own a set of drain cleaning rods, but lent them to someone (he can't remember who) and they were never returned.

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