Thursday 5 January 2012

January Sales - New Free Books

Two new collections of poems by Barnaby Wilde have been published today on the Smashwords website.  Both books are available for free download in the format of your choice for reading on PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle etc

'Not at all Rhinocerus'  is a collection of quirky verse which is not at all rhinoceros. (Well, maybe just a little bit, at the end). A miscellany of verses full of weak puns, old jokes and a sense of the ridiculous, including 'A pyschiatrist's guide to empathetic garden design', 'Two flies walking on a bald man's head', and 'Acupuncture is a jab well done' amongst others.

And absolutely no mention of rhinoceros (OK. Except for a very little bit at the end).

'The Blind Philosopher and The God of Small Things' is a collection of verse full of weak puns and jokes, loosely related by two men with long white beards, including 'Simply Saving Silences', 'Just another Day in Paradise', and 'Twenty Things Worth Knowing, including some that aren't', pausing along the way to consider 'Why don't sheep shrink in the rain?'  'What was best before sliced bread?' and 'Could I dig half a hole instead?'

These titles will also be available in due course via the Amazon website.

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