Sunday 29 January 2012

Barnaby talks about book reviews

 How do you review a book in Smashwords?
If you would like to review a book that you have downloaded from Smashwords (this can be a Free download or a purchased title) simply visit the page for the given title, and below the table of different available file formats you will see a link to review the book.  If the book was Free, anyone except the author is eligible to review it.  If the book requires purchase, the review link is only available to people who purchased it.  The author is never eligible to review his/her own book.  If the author visits their own book page the review option doesn't appear.

Reviews are helpful to the author and to other readers.  Reviews should always be civil, honest and constructive. Tell the reader what was good, and, if appropriate, what was bad about the book.  Don't give away the ending and don't simply retell the author's story.  Offensive or defamatory reviews are likely to be deleted by Smashwords under their terms of service.

How to review a book at Amazon

Visit the book page on Amazon and you will find a review link next to the cover image of the book. The same etiquette towards the review content applies as for Smashwords reviews.

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