Saturday 28 January 2012

Barnaby gets extended

An extended version of the 'Life...' verse anthology has been published exclusively on Amazon.  This collection contains an additional nineteen poems that were not included in the first version and is entitled 'Life... (enhanced) bonus edition'.  You can download a copy directly onto your Kindle from the Kindle store or download a copy onto your computer or reading device by visiting

(Life... (enhanced) bonus edition) is a collection of verse taking a sideways view of life from birth to death and points between.
How do you know if you are middle aged? Why are there so many bottles in your bathroom? Where exactly is that safe place where all your mislaid possessions are stored? Answers to these and many other of life's mysteries may be found here.
...and where exactly do socks go when they die?

New poems consider Elvis in retirement, Moving House and Strange noises in the night, amongst others.

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