Tuesday 17 January 2012

Barnaby's flyouts have stopped working and he offers another freebie

I'm just putting the finishing touches to an updated version of the Barnaby Wilde website, but I've hit a problem with the website designer program.  One of the toolbars has stopped working properly, so I'm a bit stumped.  Questions have been raised in appropriate places and I hope for a remedy in the near future.
Meanwhile, assembly of the next compilation of Barnaby Wilde verse (I can't bring myself to call them poems) is almost complete and should be published soon. The title is 'A little bit elephant', but as usual it has very little to do with elephants and is another mix of quirky verse.
Barnaby is a little curious (some may think this an understatement) about whether anyone reads this blog, so he is offering a small incentive.  If you email to barnaby-wilde@hotmail.co.uk he will send you a code which will enable you to download a free copy of the verse compilation 'Life...', which will save you 99c (about 65p).  Not a lot, but as that well known supermarket says, 'every little helps'.

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