Saturday 1 February 2014

Make Some New Friends

Top Writers Block is a group of Indie writers from around the world who have decided to write stories together - just for the fun of it! Seven writers have now released their latest collaboration - The Man on the Corner - a collection of  ten short stories with each author's interpretation of that theme.
Whether you like mystery, romance, pathos, or are simply amused by the absurd, there is something for everyone in this collection. Who is that Man on the Corner, who seems to be waiting?
For a short time the book is available on FREE download here in the e-book format of your choice. After this, the book will remain available for a small charge, the whole profit from this going to support the Sea Shepherd charity.

This is a great way to sample the work of new authors to add to your favourites. When you have found the story that touches you in some way, why not visit that author's other books? Who knows? This could be the start of a beautiful new friendship.
(Of course, you will still find all Barnaby's books at ) Happy reading.

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