Wednesday 12 February 2014

Get your hands on something big!

For many people, e-books are the ideal reading solution. A whole library in a device small enough to put in your pocket or handbag. Some folk, though, are only happy when they can feel the weight and smell the pages of a real, physical book.

Happily there are authors who are happy to cater for both markets. Top Writer's Block, a loose consortium of Indie Authors from around the world, have been releasing collections of short stories in just about any genre you can imagine in e-book form for over a year. The first five volumes of stories by TWB have now been collated into a single volume for those people who are only satisfied when they've got something big in their hands.

TWB volume One contains over 300 pages, 16 authors and 41 stories. A satisfying handful for even the most discerning reader.
Inside, you will find mystery, romance, adventure, humour, horror and fantasy.

Profits from sales of the book will go to the environmental charity, Sea Shepherd.

You can get your hands on the book at the following locations.


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