Tuesday 4 June 2013

Barnaby wonders about weeds

The weather has been excellent for the past few days, clear blue skies, warm temperatures and just a light breeze. Just what we always hope an English summer will be and so often isn't.
Barnaby has been indulging in a spot of gardening. He is not ashamed to admit that he is a fair weather gardener and would prefer to be looking through a window at the garden from the warmth of his office when it's cold and wet outside.
This means, of course, that Barnaby's gardening consists mainly of pulling up the weeds that have been growing happily outside while he was sitting, typing, inside.
The most important thing, therefore, is to be able to distinguish the weeds from the flowers, especially when some of the weeds are rather attractive in their own right. So, what exactly is a weed?
A weed is most simply defined as being a plant growing in the wrong place. A potato in a cornfield is a weed. A rose in a potato field is also a weed.
None of this, of course, has anything whatsoever to do with e-books, unless it happened to be an e-book about gardening. Happily there are no weeds in Barnaby's e-books as you'll find out if you visit www.barnaby-wilde.co.uk where all Barnaby's books can be seen in full bloom.

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