Sunday 26 May 2013

Barnaby bags a bargain

Barnaby likes nothing better than wandering around a Car Boot Sale on a sunny morning and today was a doozy. Hundreds of stalls. Thousands of bargains and lots of happy shoppers. He was surprised to see for sale an antique penny-farthing bicycle, and, on a different stall, a horse drawn plough. Neither of which he'd ever encountered at a Boot Sale previously. Naturally enough, most of the other items were of a much more prosaic nature, comprising children's toys, household ornaments, furniture and unwanted gadgets and gizmos of all descriptions. Many of which prompt the question, why on earth did anyone ever buy that in the first place? That begs the follow up question, what ever persuaded the person who designed and manufactured it to think anyone would ever want one?
Nevertheless, the majority of the customers went home clutching their carrier bags full of bargains, well happy with their morning's work.
Barnaby was happy with his own bargain, too. A double CD of the Rolling Stones for the grand price of £1.
You can bag your own bargain, of course, by visiting and downloading one of Barnaby's e-books. The best news of all is that most of them won't even cost £1 and some, believe it or not, are absolutely FREE!

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