Monday 29 October 2012

NEW!!! Barnaby's Shorts - Volume Three

Barnaby's Shorts - Volume Three, is now available to download in the ebook format of your choice at Smashwords

Ten more coffee break sized stories. A varied collection to suit all tastes, ideal for reading in the bath, on the train, in bed or on the beach.

A hint of sci fi in Cube Roots; gentle humour from the world of the Vertigo Research Labs in Jocelyn; adventure in Where Angels Fear to Tread; A shaggy dog story and an old man's search for his roots in Visiting Worseley.

What if dragons were very small? Why is Jack running, jumping, never standing still? Why does Jethro need a tractor to move house? Answers to these mysteries and more inside.

Volume Three will be available for FREE download for a few days.

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