Tuesday 16 October 2012

Barnaby's Back

Barnaby has backache. During the last couple of weeks he has been driving rather more than normal and his back is showing the strain. The damage was mostly done in Ireland where Barnaby found himself driving four hour journeys to and from the airport twice in as many days in the smallest hire car ever seen on potholed country lanes, that in Ireland are apparently used as main trunk routes.
This was compounded by a couple of equally long journeys in England, albeit in his own car and on decent roads. Nevertheless, the damage was already done.
Fortunately, the major driving is over for the moment and Barnaby is looking forward to a few weeks of quietude at home.
Barnaby's back, of course, has a double meaning (these blog entries aren't just thrown together, you know) and he is pleased to be back at his keyboard writing. He hopes to have a new volume of short stories available for publication well in time for Xmas.
To get you in the Xmas spirit, there is still an opportunity to download Volume One of Short Stories FREE by visiting http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/barnabywilde You will also find a couple of volumes of poems and the first Tom Fletcher novel (I Keep Thinking It's Tuesday) still available for FREE download at the moment.
Of course, if you enjoy the FREE books, you could leave a review, tell you friends and maybe purchase one of the other books.
So much choice. So little time. 

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