Monday 13 August 2012

Coming soon to an ebook reader near you

The stories have been wtitten. The proofs have been read and most of the formatting is now complete for the next volume of short stories, cunningly entitled Barnaby's Shorts (volume two) to prevent any possible confusion with a book of a similar name, Barnaby's Shorts (volume one).

Coffee break sized stories including gentle humour, a touch of sci fi, a smidgen of romance and an air of mystery. Stories include The Running Boy, The Magician's Cabinet, The Turing Test and The Case of the Missing Spray Cleaner.

Short stories ideal for lulling you to sleep at bedtime or reading on the train on your way to work.

Is it possible for an author to become trapped in a Kindle? What if you were being stalked by the Invisible Man? and where exactly do people go when magician's make them disappear?

Answers to these questions and more inside. It is anticipated that this book will be available on Smashwords within the next couple of days. Meanwhile, you can find all Barnaby's other books at right now.

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