Monday 20 August 2012

Barnaby thinks about road noise

Barnaby is fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world, in Devon, surrounded by rolling hills and archetypal British farmland with it's patchwork of fields and hedges. He was walking with his partner and her dog yesterday and stopped to admire the view, which was, sadly, blighted by noise from the main road in the valley. Now Barnaby is not an engineer, but he supposes that since cars have become more aerodynamic over the years, with better and quieter engines, most of this noise is probably tyre noise. Perhaps the focus on tyre design over coming years could be to find ways to reduce this form of noise pollution and restore some tranquility to the countryside.
However, in the short term, Barnaby has a solution.
Find a comfortable spot with a great view. Open a bottle of wine, put in your earphones and play yourself some great background music. With your free hand, take up your ebook reader and try out one of Barnaby's books. A feast for the eyes, the ears, the mind and the stomach. What bliss!
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