Sunday 18 March 2012

Barnaby gets involved

It's a cut throat place, the world of independent publishing.  Every author out for himself, desperate for publicity at any price.  Willing to ride rough shod over any other author in order to get attention.

Except that isn't like that at all. One of Barnaby's happy discoveries is that there is a worldwide community of would be authors out there eager to communicate and share with each other with just as much enthusiasm as they have for communicating with their hoped for readers.

Whether that is reading and reviewing another author's book, helping with a formatting problem, or sharing ways to improve publicity, there are a lot of passionate people out there keen to help one another.

And now Barnaby has joined with the other authors who are promoting their works under the banner of Suzybazaar (see previous post) to write a cooperative novella.  The process is for each chapter to be written by a different author who is free to take the story in whichever direction he or she wishes, provided continuity is maintained, writing in the author's own style.  The result is a lot of fun for the authors, an unpredictable storyline and, it's hoped, a book that will eventually be published to raise money for charity.

Barnaby can't tell you when the book will be finished because it is still being written.  He can promise that it will make you smile and maybe laugh out loud, but there may also be pathos, romance, violence, mystery?  Who knows?  It's still evolving.

Keep reading the blog for updates on progress.

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