Friday 29 March 2024

Psychiatrist has a silent P

Barnaby, like many before him, has been thinking about English spelling and how irregular and unnecessary much of is. On the understanding that big things start small, he is now considering whether to start the revolution by refusing to incorporate unnecessary letters or illogical spelling in any of his future riting.

Hensforth, Barnaby wil only aply the minimum efort to spel any of his wurds in the customry manor, eschuing convenshun, histry and tradishon. He estimates that this wil save him aproximately  wun per sent of the leters he normaly has to tipe, with a consekwent saving of wun per sent of the ink and paper used to print them, thus preserving many trees and conserving natural resorses in adishun to redusing the number of keystroks he wil need to make and conserving his own energy.

Of cors, this wil make his books wun per sent shorter, tho no kwiker to reed.

Fortunately, all of his current books were written before this revolution began, making life more straightforward for readers used to dealing with conventional English spelling. Any errors are therefore entirely unintentional and the fault of the author, except where they have been introduced intentionally.

Why not try ‘Out of Time’ a full-length novel about two men whose timelines get inextricably mixed. I can’t guarantee any misspellings, but you can enjoy searching. You can find it in paperback or eBook format at Amazon here

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