Friday 3 October 2014

The Craft - a new title from twb

Those folk at twb (Top Writers Block) have been at it again. This month's anthology of short stories inspired by the theme 'The Craft' is available for download in the ebook format of your choice here.

The Craft covers every manner of crafts - arts and crafts, witchcraft, space craft and others. Whatever the story, there is often a surprise at the end, so relax for a while and read this collection of short stories by TWB. Take the time to decide which you liked best. The authors' proceeds go to Sea Shepherd, who have dedicated themselves to protecting our oceans and seas and the life within.

This month's stories include a tale from the Vertigo labs by Barnaby Wilde, a story about the reason for film classifications from Suzy Dubot, a tale about the art of glass making (or is it a love story?) by Don Bick, a lyrical piece from Tracey Howard on the art of wood carving, Two stories from New Zealand writer John Muir, a mysterious film script from Melissa Szydlek and more. A mixed and surprisingly varied bunch of stories inspired by a single theme.

If you enjoy the variety of stories in The Craft why not check out the other titles released by twb or visit the individual authors book lists.

About Top Writers Block
A group of writers from around the world who have decided to write stories together - just for the fun of it!

I am happy to announce that authors proceeds have now gone to Sea twice! Thank you to those who have supported the group.

Of course, you can find all Barnaby's Books at as usual.

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