Thursday 1 May 2014

Barnaby thinks about immortality

Barnaby's attention was caught by a newspaper headline this week concerning life expectancy in the UK. It seems that life expectancy for males has increased by 8 years during the last 30 years. That is, a baby born today has a life expectancy of 8 years more than one born in 1984.

This improvement is largely due to improvements in health care.

This astonishing increase means that life expectancy has increased by more than one year in every four, or three months in every year.
It occurs to Barnaby that this is the equivalent of an improvement in life expectancy of six hours every day, or fifteen minutes every hour, and he wonders if this means he will live for ever, since life expectancy will improve by fifteen seconds every minute?

Sadly, it does not and the only way that he will achieve immortality is through his books, should anyone choose to read them. He has resolved, therefore, to continue writing in the hope that this will keep him young forever.

You can find all his books at including all eight volumes (80 stories) in the Barnaby's Shorts series.

So, why not slow down and use today's fifteen minutes increase in life expectancy to read one of Barnaby's short stories? It's a great way to use that extra time.

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