Monday 2 December 2013

Barnaby thinks about Xmas

Barnaby figures that a lot of people will be receiving gifts of e-book readers or tablets this Xmas and what could be nicer than stocking them up with a few good reads to keep them entertained through those cold dark winter evenings. Barnaby has e-books to offer in every price range.

For those on very tight budgets, the following titles (amongst others) are available for FREE download.
Flowers for Mercedes       Barnaby's Shorts (vol one)      I Keep Thinking It's Tuesday

The following are just $2.99 (~£1.83)

Free Running                            Flandra                            A Question of Alignment

There are also titles at just 99c (~61p)

A Little Bit Elephant               Barnaby's Shorts (vol 6)                     Life ... (plus ten)

This is just a small selection of Barnaby's e-books, which include quirky verse, humorous fiction, short stories and detective fiction. For the full selection, visit

And for the special person in your life, many of these titles are also available in paperback editions. details at

Happy shopping!


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