Thursday 18 April 2013

Eight million can't be wrong.

Sales of ebook readers are holding up strongly against mobile tablets and it is estimated that eight million Britons now have an e-reader. This is roughly equivalent to a third of all UK households, with those in the forty five to fifty four age range being the most likely to own one. Furthermore one in ten of all people surveyed plan to buy an e-reader in the next year.
All of this is music to Barnaby's ears and will spur him on to write yet more ebooks in the coming twelve months. (* The next Mercedes Drew volume is expected some time in May).
Meanwhile, for all those e-reader owners who haven't yet sampled Barnaby's delights, and even those who have, but are not yet fully satiated, why not visit and find out about his quirky verse, his short stories and the antics of Mercedes Drew and Detective Inspector Flowers. If you look carefully, you'll find that some of the books can even be downloaded for FREE!

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