Saturday 15 December 2012

Barnaby Gets Some Sun

While Britain froze last week in sub zero temperatures, Barnaby had cleverly relocated to the South of Spain temporarily (well, for a week's holiday anyway) and found himself sitting on deserted beaches in temperatures of 18c nursing a cold beer in one hand and his Kindle in the other. He never ceases to marvel at the ability to carry his entire library with him wherever he travels. He is also constanly impressed by the number of high quality new authors struggling for recognition. To that end, Barnaby urges you to leave reviews for any ebooks you have enjoyed reading. The authors welcome the feedback more than any money they might receive if the truth is told.
Barnaby was pleased to see how many people on the plane were reading on their tablets or ebook readers and embarassed everyone by handing out his own business card to anybody he saw reading an ebook. His suggestion to use it as a bookmark seemed to fall on deaf ears.
Despite the sunshine in Spain, Barnaby is pleased to be back at work writing the next Mercedes Drew mysteries, which he hopes to publish next spring. Meanwhile you can catch up with the first volume, 'Flowers for Mercedes' (which is receiving some nice reviews) or any other of Barnaby's ebooks at
Happy reading.

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