Monday 20 February 2012

Barnaby loves his Kindle - mostly.

Barnaby is a little like Winnie the Pooh in being a bear of very small brain.  Although he loves his Kindle e-reader he often forgets the title of the current book he's reading, and the author's name.  Unlike a paperback, which constantly reminds one of the book title and author via it's cover, the Kindle opens each time on the current page and shuts down to a random screensaver picture which has no relevance to the book being read.  Of course one can always get back to the cover via the menu options, but it's clunky and requires a certain amount of effort.  A much simpler and more satisfying solution would be for the Kindle to use the cover page from the current book as it's screensaver when shutting down.  This would be a reminder to the reader and an advertisment for the author.  A win win situation. Barnaby has made this suggestion to Amazon with no result to date, but if enough people joined the campaign ... ? You could add your voice by going to

Meanwhile you can enjoy all the lovingly created covers of Barnaby's books by visiting (don't forget the hyphen).

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